Tips On Selling Your Home

Know Why Your Selling & Keep It To Yourself:

The reasons behind you're decisions to sell can affect everything from setting a price to deciding how much time and money to invest in getting your home ready for sale. It's best to keep your reasons about selling your home to yourself so it can't be used against you at the negotiation table. If asked, simply say that your housing needs have changed

Setting Your Price:

Settling on an offering price shouldn't be done lightly or done so on personal attachments to the property. Once a price has been set you have told buyers the absolute maximum they have to pay for your home. If you price too low the home will sell quicker but your profits will be be less. Pricing too high is dangerous is this market because of all the inventory out there. Remember, the average buyer looks at 15-20 homes at the same time they are considering yours. This means they have a basis of comparisons and if your home doesn't compare favorably to the others then you won't be taken seriously. In the end your home will sit on the market longer and with any new buyers they will think something wrong with your home.

Find out what other homes in your immediate area have sold (not for sale) for in the last 6 months. Only compare those similar to your own: number of stories, bedrooms, bathrooms, year of homes... This is the same type of technique a bank appraiser uses and most home buyers today get a loan requiring a bank appraisal.

Staging Your Home & Property:

There are a lot of homes competing against yours! A buyer must have the "WOW" factor the moment they pull up.

Start with the yard (Curb Side Appeal):

- Keep it mowed

- Trim up those shrubs, bushes & trees

- Edge where needed

- Water the lawn. #1 turn off is a brown, un-kept yard.

- Keep toys out of site

- Wash the windows, gutters and roof. (It's best to hire a professional for these tasks)

Inside your home:

- Make it bright! Wash the inside windows. Keep blinds open during showings and turn on light. Brighter homes feel warmer and look larger.

- Remove un-needed clutter. Rent a storage unit (not the garage) and put away items taking up too much space. You want your rooms and 

  hallways open and obstruction free. This is the #1 way to make a home look larger!

- Pick up the toys, make your beds and fold the towels.

- Paint where needed. Wild or bold colors are a turn off for most buyers. You might have enjoyed them but now it's time to let go and keep the

  buyers from walking out because they don't have your tastes in color. Whites or softer colors do best.

- Keep the smells at a low. Don't hide smells by spraying the house or lighting candles with powerful odors. This only makes buyers think your

  masking something.


- Replace any doors with holes or damage. If not in the budget then have them reversed so the damage isn't the 1st thing buyers see.

- Get any exposed wires taken care of by a licensed professional. Most inspectors and even appraisers will require it.

- Change any burnt out light bulbs

- Check all smoke detectors and replace batteries where needed.

- Appliances are important to buyers so ensure they are clean and in working order.

- Replace any broken windows. If you have double pane windows, ensure seals aren't broken. They will have a foggy appearance to them.

- LP siding. Be prepared to replace if you want to sell your home to a VA loan buyers.

Be Available:

When selling your home it's hard to dictate the times you're willing to show it when there are so many other properties for sale around you. Be prepared to drop everything to show your home! It might be an inconvenience but when a buyer is actively looking to buy they may just purchase the home down the street that was available to be shown. If you list with an agent this will be their job to show your home.

Having An Open House:

An open house is a great way to have potential buyer come and see your home. There are 2 things important to concentrate on - prepping your home for the open and safety.

Prepping: Make your home immaculate! 1st impressions make or brake a sale. This include the outside of your home. Buyers won't come in if they don't like what they see when pulling up to the curb. Remember to change your flyers announcing your open house at least a week in advance. We will announce an open house on your flyers and your ad within our site but you may want to purchase a sign about the open and place it in your yard. Placing a ad in the local newspaper will help bring buyers as well. Don't forget to put dates, times and directions in any types of advertising you do. Most open houses are done on a Sunday and from 1PM - 4PM.

Safety: Never do an open house alone! You need help keeping an eye on people as they walk around your home. Always have someone at the front door to watch for people coming and going. Feel free to ask buyers questions about their need to buy, have they looked at al lot of homes and even the things they like or dislike about your home. When showing your home have the buyer walk in front of you and keep your phone with you. Always be polite even if you hear negative feedback about your home. Some buyers will intentionally say negative things in the hopes you'll drop your price.

Screening Buyers: (non-agent listed properties)

How do you know if the buyer is qualified to buy? Letting someone into your home without knowing who they are isn't a very good idea for you or your family. You always see the signs "Safety First" and that applies to selling a home. When a buyer calls you should ask them a series of questions:

1) Name and phone number

2) Have you spoken with a lender? If yes, who? What type of loan? (VA, FHA, Conventional, Cash)

3) When do you plan on buying?

4) What price range are you looking at? (They may not qualify at your price and are hoping to talk you down)

5) Are you working with a real estate agent?

6) What time would you like to see the property?

If you feel satisfied with their answers then set up the showing. It's ok to tell the caller you will ask for a form of ID to verify who they are and please remember to have someone with you when showing the property. Free Service: We can screen the buyers for you. If your property is advertised on our site, simple have all your flyers and marketing show Today's Home Buyer as your contact information. After we screen them we will call you with the details of our conversation so you can set a time to show your home. click here to contact us that you want the free screening service.

Disclose Everything:

If there are problems with your home and you can't afford to fix them don't hide it. Many states require by law that a seller fills out some form of a "Seller Disclosure Statement". Make sure all terms, costs and responsibilities are spelled out on the contract for sale. Avoid a future lawsuit and be upfront when selling your home.

Don't Move Before You Sell:

Studies have shown that it is more difficult to sell a home that is vacant because it looks forlorn, forgotten or simply not appealing. It could even cost you thousands on your sale. If you move, you're telling buyers that you have a new home and are probably highly motivated to sell fast. This, of course, will give the buyer the advantage at the negotiation table.


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