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Finding the right loan is the #1 way to save money when buying a home! Depending on the type of loan you qualify for can determine how much down payment you need, how much you can buy and your monthly mortgage payment.

Rates and programs change constantly. Your state, as well as the government, have different programs for 1st time buyers, military/VA buyers and FHA/Conventional buyers. Some of these programs can get you into a home for '0' to very little down. Several areas throughout Washington have grants to help buyers into a home and your lender can help you find what's available for you - even with questionable credit!

Fill out the form below to speak with a lender in your area. This is a free, over the phone service. You are not required to buy or commit to buying a home or obtaining a loan. This service is to let you know if you qualify to buy a home, the amount you qualify for and your estimated monthly mortgage.



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A qualified lender will contact you stating they we're referred by Today's Home Buyer. This is a free service and no commitments are required.

We value your privacy and do not sell or rent your information to any 3rd parties. No fees are exchanged to referred lender in compliance of RESPA.


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